R/C Model Submarines


1:100 TK-17 Typhoon by Gabriel   LOA - 68"

Here you will find pictures  and words about Gabriels TK-17 Typhoon based on an Engel kit, as it is being built. After extensive research, this promises to the the most accurate scale model of an Typhoon class submarine. Alot of the work involves modification of the exisiting generic kit, to produce a specific boat depicted at a specific time of he life,  in this case her incarnation Arkhangelsk post here 2002 reftit. He will be perfoming some of the modification I made to my TK-20 (see My Subs), as well as a lot of his own.

He is taking  a lot more photos during his build than I did, so I am taking the opportunity to doccument them to show a step by step build of this boat ... inspiration of my third Typhoon....

Modifications to the Conning tower

The details

Modifications to the rudders and stern area