R/C Model Submarines

Fourms - got questions? Heres the place to ask

New to the Hobby? Start here....

English Language site

English launguage site

Subcommittee -The best place to start for all those interested in getting into the hobby. Has chapters around the world, so there are bound to be fellow model submariners close to you

French Site

German site

Sonar - European model submarine organisation

Model Boating forum with a Submarine section

Model Submarine basics

Dutch Forum

Model Submarine Basics

Belgian Website and Forum
with detail of sub meets.

Model Submarine Meets

In addition to local model boat clubs which usally have a few submarines in the club, there are occations when model submariners get together in greater numbers.

Want to run your submarine in a Pool or just have a look . This new site is the place to visit.

List of dates for UK meets for the forth coming season

Research Material / Plans / Construction Ideas/ Publications

Plans of German and Japanese Subs

Downloadable plans and photos

British Submarine plans

US, German and other submarines

How about a SciFi sub like the Seawiew or one of the Thunderbirds craft (check out the video section for inspiration)

3 books on model submarines and soon a DVD with underwater footage


OTW - Submarine Hulls and dive modules

SubTech - Model Submarine kits, hulls, hardware and electronics

Engel of Germany - Sub kits and accessories

Westbourne Model Centre - UK agent for Engel/ Robbe / TunderTiger

Sheerline Model Submarines - Complete Sub kits -Catalogue page

 Caswell - plastic kit conversion and watertight containers

Models by Design - Submarine Hulls

Novel Submarine pitch controllers, electronics & ESC's

Big Daves Designs - Watertight dive modules

Subpirate Hobbies - 1/144 George Washington kit and others

Almost ready to run 1/96 scale submarines and Watertight modules

Small World Models

Robbe - 4 submarine kits

Other RC Submarine Personal sites

A scratch built Typhoon

Dean describes some of the subs he has built

A Hungarian site with plenty of pictures taken at submarine meets

Plenty of projects on this site

Robert Holstings 1/81 Ohio

Hows your Russian?

Probably the best RC sub under construction at the moment.

A new personal site with lots of subcontruction videos and projects