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I had originally intended this to be a personal site where I could keep all my pictures and video in one place, yet accessible from anywhere, but it seemed a good Idea to open it up, so here we are.


Why radio controlled subs? Everyone will have their own reason for pursuing this hobby. For me it was the challenge of  building and detailing a scale radio control model, and operating it in the harshest of environments, often when out of view and bringing it back home to port after  a successful patrol.


Submarines dive by taking on water ballast and expelling to surface again, or  dynamically by forces acting on the dive planes. These submarines are available from vendors as complete kits, semi kits where the hull and watertight module, containing the electronics, need to be purchased separately. Hulls are often made of fibreglass or ABS. As an entry to the hobby, conversion of one of the larger scale injection moulded plastic kits, to radio control is popular. For the experience modellers and those want to build a sub not commercially available or to a different scale, a submarine hull can be scratch built. I will not be documenting basics of building and operating model subs on this site, but the links section will point the newcomer to sites where this information is available. This site will be evolving in the coming months, have a look around and enjoy your stay.


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Welcome to my site dedicated to radio controlled scale model submarines.


Here you will find pictures and video of my own models as well as model subs belonging to others. Additionally you will find photos, film and research material of the original boats as well as links to other model submarine related sites. There a few RC sub sites now, so I have tried to make mine a little different. Hope you enjoy your visit.


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TK-20 Typhoon Original and 1:100 Scale

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