R/C Model Submarines


Current Projects

Currently rebuilding SSBN 624 after a fire whilst on patrol. Will also be reballasting her to carry a ATC3000 camera.    -COMPLETED

(video now in the 'Video Pages' section)


Also working on a Dream Arts Subdog - COMPLETED

(Video now in the 'Video pages' Section)



My Typhoon TK-20 is in drydock for a minor refit, regreasing all moving parts, relocation the speaker and removal of the missile door servos and associated wiring. Hoping to get here ready for a pool run in November 08.  - COMPLETED



I have started tiding up an Eden Trafalgar hull I pruchased second hand. A lot of work had already been done to accurise it which I will be continuing further. Also I will be building a new WTC for her featuring a piston tank and weight shifting trim system. She will be modelled as HMS Tireless in her 2004 guise. Aiming for completion around summer 2009. Details will be posted under the 'My Subs' section.


HMS Tireless  - COMPLETED June 2009


Started planning HMS Kronborg, based on an OTW Nacken Hull -Winter 2009





trench2 KRONBORG_ubaad