R/C Model Submarines


K-157 Vepr Akula II 1/96 LOA 45"

Here are the build photos slidshow of my K-157 Akula II at 1/96. She is based on a hull by Scaleship.biz and a homemade watertight module containing a 500ml engel piston tank for static diving. She is powered by a 10x1.2v 3300mAH sub C cells and a 540 type motor.


Originally I fitted a trim system in the bow , based on the weight shifting principle. Whilst it worked well, it needed a greater weight in the bow to be truly effective and I removed after the initial test

Set up test

First Patrol

I set her up so that when the piston tank was 100% full, just the masts and periscopes were above the water. All the masts are removable and act as means of fine triming at the pond to compensate for variations in water temperature and density.




Initials test showed her to be a little tender at the scale waterline, with a tendency to roll. Also the turning circle was rather larger than I would have liked by adding more lead to the bottom of the hull and more foam just under the surfaced waterline in the upper hull,  scarificing a little of the waterline, resulted in much more stable boat and decent truning circle for this type of sub with its small rudders. The video of her first patrol in August 2008 can be seen below

Image of Original Akula Submarines

Build photo sequence.

Full build thread located here



Dance of The Akula