R/C Model Submarines


1/64 HMS Tireless LOA 53"

Launch date Summer 2009

This model is based on a generic Trafalgar class hull, made by Eden Model Submarine (now Sheerline) in the late 1990's. It was purchased second hand, with some accurizing work already done to the sail and a new more accurate propulsor shroud. I have already started futher modifications to the rear planes, propulsor,  scribed detail, ballast vents and flank arrays, sonar domes and countermeasure dispensers to model her as HMS Tireless in 2004. I am not using the kit WTC, but will making my own with a spare piston tank I have and weight shifting ballast system for controlable horizontal trim.  

UPDATE After doing a bit carefull measurements, I reckon I'd just about fit a WTC with twin Piston tanks fore and aft which will give be fine neutral trim as well as as fore/aft trim, and would be of a size to fit some other things I have in mind for the future. So thats the way I am going to go with this. I will be housing the motor outside the WTC to be able to choose the ideal motor for each sub, yet retaining the ability of using the WTC in a number of differing boats.

Images of Trafalgar class submarines

Here are pictures of the Hull I purchased, I have already done some work but there's a lot more to do. The main job will be to tidy up the rear plans and fill the inside of the propulsor shroud to reduce the gap between the inside of the shroud and the propulsor.(finshed!)


I am now working on the dive module.



Contruction has taken a bit of a break due to a busy January but will restart in ernest next month.


April09, I have finished the WTC bar testing in the bath. I am hoping to have in a sailable condition by the middle of May.



June 09 HMS Tireless is copmlete, video of first trials below

HMS Tireless is the 3rd of 7 Trafalgar Class SSN's of the the 4th Generation and was launced in March 1984 and commisioned a year later


Length: 280' 1"  

Beam: 32' 1"

Draft: 31' 2"  

Displacement  Surfaced:4,740 std. Submerged: 5,208 std

Engines: 2 GEC-Alsthom geared steam turbines powered by 1 Rolls Royce PWR1 nuclear reactor  

Motors: 2 Paxman diesel ,1 emergency back up diesel

Shafts: Pumpjet propulsors (Trafalgar fitted with a 7 blade propeller)

This site will however contain the full build photo archive.

Video of the first Trials