R/C Model Submarines

1/64 HMS Tireless LOA 53" Launch date Summer 2009

HMS Tireless is the 3rd of 7 Trafalgar Class SSN's of the the 4th Generation and was launced in March 1984 and commisioned a year later

Length: 280' 1"
Beam: 32' 1"
Draft: 31' 2"
Displacement Surfaced:4,740 std. Submerged: 5,208 std
Engines: 2 GEC-Alsthom geared steam turbines powered by 1 Rolls Royce PWR1 nuclear reactor
Motors: 2 Paxman diesel ,1 emergency back up diesel
Shafts: Pumpjet propulsors (Trafalgar fitted with a 7 blade propeller)

This model is based on a generic Trafalgar class hull, made by Eden Model Submarine (now Sheerline) in the late 1990's. It was purchased second hand, with some accurizing work already done to the sail and a new more accurate propulsor shroud. I have already started futher modifications to the rear planes, propulsor, scribed detail, ballast vents and flank arrays, sonar domes and countermeasure dispensers to model her as HMS Tireless in 2004. I am not using the kit WTC, but will making my own with a spare piston tank I have and weight shifting ballast system for controlable horizontal trim.
UPDATE After doing a bit carefull measurements, I reckon I'd just about fit a WTC with twin Piston tanks fore and aft which will give be fine neutral trim as well as as fore/aft trim, and would be of a size to fit some other things I have in mind for the future. So thats the way I am going to go with this. I will be housing the motor outside the WTC to be able to choose the ideal motor for each sub, yet retaining the ability of using the WTC in a number of differing boats.

This site will however contain the full build photo archive.

Video of the first Trials

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