R/C Model Submarines

1/48 HMS Ocelot SSK LOA- 74" (I have recently aquired this hull, detail coming soon)


The O Class post war sub is always one that has interested me, a stepping stone between the WWII subs and the moderen tear drop SSK and SSN to follow. They had a long service life with a number of navies.

HMS Ocelot is now a museum ship located in Chatham Docks and I have taken extensive photographs to model and accurate and authentic model, some of which are in the slide show below

HMS Ocelot 2008

Here is HMAS Onslow, paid off from the Australian navy in 1999, and now a museum ship moored in Darling Harbour Sydney.

Alan Poole's HMS Ocelot 1/48 based on a OTW hull