R/C Model Submarines


1/30 HMS Kronborg

The Danish submarine, HMS Kronborg, was the leased  Swedish A-14 Nacken and served with the Danish Navy from 2001 -2004.

Nacken was the lead submarine,  of the conventionally powered A-14 class and was launched on 17/04/1978 and commisioned 2 years later. Between 1987 and 1988 she became the first submarine  to fitted with air independent propulsion, when a 8m neutrally buoyant  section containing a closed cycle Stirling engine was added. She was hence lengthen from 49.5m LOA to 57.5 LOA. She was the only submarine of the class of 3 to be converted and served as a test bed for AIP, which has found its way into successive Sweedish designed submarines since.

My model is based on an OTW hull.